• Ideal mowing height is between 6 and 9 cm. (2.5 to 3 inches).
  • Mowing height is directly correlated to how deep your roots become. It is important not to mow too short. Healthy deep roots protect the lawn from drought.
  • Mow frequently, at least once a week. Do not move more than one third of the leaf blade in a single mowing.
  • Keep your blades sharp, for a clean cut. This prevents lawn tearing.
  • Remember, frequent mowing at a proper setting reduces weeds establishment.


  • Your lawn needs 2.5 cm (1in.) of water or rain per week.
  • Water your lawn early morning during hot summer months, this prevents disease.


  • Essential for a healthy green lawn.
  • At Delesco we not only feed the lawn but the soil as well.
  • Have Delesco apply the right amount at the right time. We use weed inhibiting Corn Gluten, slow release granular, as well as liquid kelp with micronutrients.
  • The best defence against weeds is a thick healthy green lawn.


  • Lawn aeration reduces both thatch and soil compaction. Aeration brings much needed air into the soil. We at Delesco use a core aerator from Plugr. This machine removes core plugs in a clean manner.


  • White Grubs, Chinch bugs, and leather jackets are very prominent in Southern Ontario.
  • Delesco Weed Control is fully licensed to identify and treat whatever problem your lawn may have.


  • We at Delesco are using the very best legal lawn care products available. Our 41 years in lawn care tells us to use products that have a proven ability to reduce weeds, and enhance turf health.

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